How Does Hail Damage a Roof?



  As we know in the Houston area, hail comes in all shapes and sizes.  But after a hail storm, how do  we know if our roof has sustained damage?  Sometimes the damage does not appear for weeks or months.  At times, the damage merely serves to weaken the roof over a period of years.  

There is a granular asphalt surface on the shingle, a coating that protects the integrity of the shingle.  When this fiberglass substrate is exposed as a result of hail damage, the granules can become loosened and then the shingles are exposed to the radiation caused by heat and sunlight.  Over the years, this helps to weaken your roof.  Unfortunately,  on most insurance policies, the terms of the Limited Warranty do not cover damage to roofs caused by hail. 


So how do you know if your roof has been damaged after a hail storm?  There are several signs to look for.

  •        Tears in the Shingles – Look carefully at the hips, edges and ridges.  Do you see any tears in the shingles? 

  •       Loss of Granules – Check your gutters or look around on the ground just under where the water drains most heavily off of your roof.  If you see a large amount of granules, this may shorten the life of your shingles.

  •       Dents in the Shingles – These are sometimes hard to spot.  They will appear as round or semi-round.  Sometimes you need to actually feel for indentations because of the mixed coloring on a shingle.  Dents and indentations can damage the bond on the backs of the shingles and will affect the waterproof characteristics of the shingle.


If you are in doubt about possible damage due to hail,  give Charles a call  at 281-924-0365 and he will come right away to give you an professional opinion.  Houston Roof Replacement is a local company putting Houstonians to work!


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  1. Joseph says:

    Amazing .. As the economy has sipepld . There has been an exponential increase in roofing /insurance claims .. Therefore the economy caused the Hailstorms or could it be .. maybe perhaps homeowners /contractors looking for a way to mutually make money .. Amazing that my neighbors house which is the same age and same roofing ,, yet he had hail damage ..and I didn’t .. or does it factor in that he is a doper on a fixed disabiltiy income ?

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