What Should a New Roof Cost?

There are many factors that go into the pricing of the replacement of an existing roof.  In this post, we will examine some of the cost factors so that you will be better informed when you meet with potential roofing contractors.

One of the big factors is the pitch of the roof.  A flat roof is the least expensive roof to replace but can be difficult to maintain and may end up costing more in repairs due to a flat surface’s tendency to hold water.  A steeply pitched roof is an expensive roof to replace but will last longer because of less exposure to the elements due to the sharp incline.  Sky lights and roof vents all add to the cost as well.  Here’s a tip!  Even the time of year in which you replace your roof can change the overall cost.  Installation prices on new replacement roofs are less expensive in the Spring.

Certain types of roofing materials will always affect the final price.  Asbestos tile shingles are the least expensive roofing material.  A roof requiring wood shingles will be considerably higher in cost and of course, the high end options can include clay tile roofing and  metal roofing.

Asphalt composition shingles are now the most popular roofing material in the USA.  This is the lowest cost among roofing options and have a good to excellent lifespan.  The advantages of an asphalt shingle roof are the relatively easy installation, low cost and a life expectancy of 15 to 25 years.  Although there are increasing colors and designs of asphalt shingles, they are not considered the most fashion forward and if you live in a climate that experiences extreme temperature changes, the shock can cause the shingles to warp and tear over time.  Depending on the size of the roof, you could expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 to $17,000 for asbestos tile roof replacement.

Metal roofing is very popular outside of the US but still relatively rare here in the states.  There are a range of styles including the look-alike shingle style that you often see.  A metal roof can be aluminum, corrugated iron, stainless steel, galvanized or a blend of metals.  The advantages of a metal roof is that they have a life expectance of  up to 50 years or more, the installation is fairly easy and they are very resistant to the elements.  On the side of disadvantages, sometimes a metal roof is not the best looking style depending on the material and style you choose, they are more expensive than asphalt shingles and in my opinion, a metal roof for a residence can be quite noisy.  The cheapest metal roof can be around $5,000 and the high-end styles (copper, for example) can reach as high as $40,000.

Wood Shingles and Shake are typically cut from western red cedar and they are an attractive choice for choosy homeowners who don’t mind the higher cost.  These types of roofs have a high durability with a long endurance life of 30 to 50 years or more.  Unfortunately, the materials as stated before are more expensive and the installation costs are higher because the wood is more difficult to install.  For the shingles, expect to pay between $9,000 to $18,000 and for the shake, costs will be $11,000 to $21,000.

Tile Roofing is a very good choice for the hot south and southwestern areas of the United States because this type of material is very durable against sun damage.  Tile roofing includes concrete, clay and sand.  It’s fire resistant and has a longevity of 50 or more years.  On the downside, the underlayment needs to be replaced every 10-20 years.  The installation is difficult and expensive and depending on the type of tile you choose, you may need extra structural support to support the roof.  A basic clay tile roof may start at around $14,000 but on the high end can cost as much as $70,000.  The bigger the house, the bigger the roof!

At Houston Roof Replacement, we deal with asphalt tile shingle installations.  We have a broad knowledge of costs, shingle brands and designs, as well as energy efficient materials that will save you money in the long run.   Give us a call today for a free estimate at (281) 924-0365 on your new shingle roof!

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Which Shingle is the Right Choice for Your New Roof?

There are a lot of options on the market now giving homeowners some very good choices in roof shinglesIn this post, we will be discussing shingle material.  The top selling material for shingles remains asphalt but there are different choices available according to the environmental demands of your area of the country. 

Why asphalt after all of the press about  the “unhealthiness” of the product?  Well, asphalt is suitable in all types of climate.  There is a new asphalt shingle on the market now that is resistant to algae.  This is great for the Houston market where there is humidity and rainfall year round.  And in consideration, the situation in which an asphalt roof shingle becomes unhealthy is when it deteriorates to such an extent that it is breaking and crumbling.  Hopefully your roof will never get to that point before a new one is installed.

There are two general classes of asphalt roofing shingles – organic and fiberglass.  Believe it or not, in this case the “organic” asphalt shingle is not environmentally friendly and is rapidly being replaced by the more resistant fiberglass shingle.  The organic shingle is felt-based, heavier, and does not last as long.  Also, the organic asphalt shingle does not have a high resistance to fire.  The fiberglass shingles  are lighter, last longer and offer much greater resistance to fire.

Assuming you will choose the fiberglass shingle, there are two main designs.  The first is the “three-tab” which is a more economical choice.  In this case though, you get what you pay for and the second design, the “architectural” shingle has a better joint fit than the three-tab and will last longer.  The architectural shingle is considered to be of higher quality and more expensive. 

When choosing an asphalt roof shingle, you will want to consider the long-term benefits of a higher initial investment rather than the short-term savings of the cheaper shingles.  Architectural shingles that are made from fiberglass are a wise choice because over time, you will have fewer repairs and maintenance. 

At Houston Roof Replacement, we will be happy to show you shingle samples of each of the shingles we have discussed in this post.  Give Charles at (281) 924-0365 a call for a free estimate and demonstration of materials.

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How Does Hail Damage a Roof?



  As we know in the Houston area, hail comes in all shapes and sizes.  But after a hail storm, how do  we know if our roof has sustained damage?  Sometimes the damage does not appear for weeks or months.  At times, the damage merely serves to weaken the roof over a period of years.  

There is a granular asphalt surface on the shingle, a coating that protects the integrity of the shingle.  When this fiberglass substrate is exposed as a result of hail damage, the granules can become loosened and then the shingles are exposed to the radiation caused by heat and sunlight.  Over the years, this helps to weaken your roof.  Unfortunately,  on most insurance policies, the terms of the Limited Warranty do not cover damage to roofs caused by hail. 


So how do you know if your roof has been damaged after a hail storm?  There are several signs to look for.

  •        Tears in the Shingles – Look carefully at the hips, edges and ridges.  Do you see any tears in the shingles? 

  •       Loss of Granules – Check your gutters or look around on the ground just under where the water drains most heavily off of your roof.  If you see a large amount of granules, this may shorten the life of your shingles.

  •       Dents in the Shingles – These are sometimes hard to spot.  They will appear as round or semi-round.  Sometimes you need to actually feel for indentations because of the mixed coloring on a shingle.  Dents and indentations can damage the bond on the backs of the shingles and will affect the waterproof characteristics of the shingle.


If you are in doubt about possible damage due to hail,  give Charles a call  at 281-924-0365 and he will come right away to give you an professional opinion.  Houston Roof Replacement is a local company putting Houstonians to work!


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What is Your Asphalt Tile Roof Made Of?

  Contrary to popular belief, asphalt tile shingles are not made up entirely of asphalt.  Most of the content of these shingles   is mineral fiber and cement.  The content, of course, will vary with each manufacturer.  Some tests that have been made show that as little as 5% to as high as 35% of shingle content is actually asphalt.  This material is commonly known as ACM which stands for “Asphalt Containing Material”.  If the shingles become so old that they begin to decompose, they can become potentially dangerous material requiring proper care in removal.

Each state has its own guidelines for removal in the case that the shingles have or could become pulverized or crumbled.  The EPA also has a set of guidelines to be followed. 

Over the years, we have seen the roofing industry work to stop using this type of material altogether and have sought out alternative products simulating the look and appearance of asphalt shingles.  The metal roof that appears to look like asphalt shingles is one of these examples of alternative products.

It’s important that a roofing contractor make a careful investigation before beginning a roof repair or replacement.  Asbestos has always been a good choice for shingles due to the hardiness of the mineral – it weathers heat, moisture and wear and tear over the years.  As time has gone on, the apparent dangers of asbestos had become evident and so the standards and requirements of handling this mateial have grown up in the roofing industry.  Asbestos was first used  as roofing material in Europe in the late 1800’s and the success of the material spread to the US and the first American shingles were produced in the USA in 1905.  Most of the minerals are quarried in mines in Canada and Arizona. 

While asbestos continues to have a variety of practical uses, the dangers have to be monitored as well, particularly in the case of weathered shingles past their prime. 

Make sure your roofer understands and is willing to follow the safety requirements of the removal of deteriorating roof shingles. 

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